Emoticons and texting are killing language

31. ledna 2014 v 18:51 | Ellis |  Úvahy, názory, o mně, myšlenky, ...
With development of modern technologies our living is so much faster and so is our communication. The thing is that many people are trying to simplyfy and shorten informations using texting or even emoticons.
Emoticons should express people's emotions, bur I think it's difficault to replace the whole range of emotions by several pictures. In text messages many people are trying to use the shortest forms of words and the rich vocabulary dissapears. For example at Christmas a lot of people send the same message to many friends, which is really impersonal. In czech language we normaly use diacritical marks like hooks or commas, but most people don't use them in texting because it would take tem longer to write it. In my opinion fashion of texting kills also creativity in language and thinking.
I think that short texting is OK, for example if I'm asking what to buy for dinner, but I believe that people should talk about more important things face to face to avoid missunderstanding.

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