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Langeland is a small island which politically belongs to Denmark. It is situated between the Denmarks' second biggest island Fyn and Germany just across the sea. Because of a fantastic nature and many cultural assets it is a great recreational area, especially in summer. Wherever you are in Langeland, it is never more than three kilometres far from the sea.

Nature in Langeland is nice and undamaged. In the southern part of the island there is a wildlife sanctuary for horses where you can go.Langeland is a fine place to visit if you are interested in birds. Dovns Klint in the south of Langeland attracts ornithologists in the autumn to watch huge flocks of birds migrating southwards.

Almost all the people in Langeland own a bicycle and ride where they need instead of going by car because there are many cycling paths. The most visited museum is the Museum of Cold war. It is very interesting, informative and interactive, so you can learn lots of interesting information without much effort there. The biggest city of Langeland is called Rudkøbing. It is a very nice place with a windmill just behind the centre which is also known as a market place.

The only bad thing about Langeland is that it could be expensive for Czech tourists to spend a long time there but it is definitely worth it.

To conclude, although Langeland is a small island, there are lot of things you can do there such as hiking or cycling in the nature, visiting interesting museums, historical windmills and nice small villages.


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